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Best opportunities for great business visions

China is a vibrant economy, its development is fast and opportunities for new businesses are yet to come. Depending on what is your business category we can offer you a first class guidance through the development and registration process.

The first step

is choosing the right Business Category


banking & insurance services

Movies production & cultural services

artificial intelligence






food & beverage

beauty & health

New Categories

As the Chinese market develops and the economical environment also progress with the times, at Tianjin Link we value improvement and innovation. Therefore we can provide efficient solutions also for new or less common  business categories. 


Classical Categories

The Chinese market is vast, it develops fast and it offers great chances for those who can  identify the right opportunities. Thanks to our many years of experience we have developed unparalleled expertise in providing first class solution for many of the most classical business categories such as consulting, manufacturing , Hi-Tech, trading and service companies. 

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage market in China offers many opportunities for foreign and national companies. Reports clearly show a strong growth in this industry; in fact China has become the world’s largest market for food and grocery retail and one of the lager importers of food.

No matters if you are planning to set up your own restaurant or coffee shop or maybe import food to China, for each one of these businesses you will need to identify the actual opportunities and follow precise procedures. Therefore it is essential to pick the right structure to assist you while planning your business and during the registration process and while obtaining the licenses you will need to successfully run your business in China.

Beauty & Health

 In the past ten years, the health and beauty industries have shown a steady growth. In fact Chinese customers have developed deep awareness on personal hygiene and beauty care. Moreover their attitude have changed drastically through the years, they show a higher involvement towards quality and market trends. This represents a great opportunity for foreign companies which decide to invest in this industry. However, in order to set up your company you will have to apply for certificates and hygiene licenses. We will make sure that your formula meets the national requirements and help you setting up your health and beauty Company completely hustle free.