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Start your Business in just 5 STEPS!

With this quick guide you will gain a first overview about the fundamentals for setting up a business in China. At Tianjin Link, we believe that success is achieved with efficiency and high expertise. Therefore, we summarized everything in just few steps.

Step 1

Type of Business

Focusing on what is going to be your type of business is the first step towards the realization of your vision.

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Step 2

Company Structure

Some of the typical Business Structures in China might be new to you. We will guide you while choosing the right one.

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step 3


Choosing the right location for your business is a crucial step. Our experts will help your find the most convenient one.

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step 4

Contact us

We will be glad to advise you while realizing your business vision. The first inquiry is totally free.

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step 4

Start your Business

Now you are ready to start your business in China. Just focus on what mostly matters we will take care of the rest.

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1. Your Business in China

China has established a safe and strategic business environment, therefore many companies and investors from different industries have already settled here to profit from its flourishing and growing economy.  China offers opportunities for the industries listed below and many more. Whichever is your business vision, we will help you to successfully start your business.



artificial intelligence

Movies production & cultural services

banking & insurance services





food & beverage

beauty & health

2. Choose a Chinese Company Structure


Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise

The WFOE is a company owned at 100% by one or more foreign investors. It can be a business oriented towards manufacturing activities, providing services, software development, banking… The activity of the WOFE cannot go beyond the scope that is stipulated on the business licence. The business can be widen but the foreign investor will have to go under further application. Generally the term of a WFOE is comprised between 15 and 30 years but can be extended up to 50 years under certain conditions. The liability of the investor is limited.

100% foreign owned

no minimum capital


Joint Venture

The JV is composed of at least 2 partners, at least one of them must be Chinese. The investors will share the expenses, the revenue and the power of decision of the company. Such as the WFOE, the JV has no minimum capital required but has to insure its viability. The capital can also be deposited within several years. Some business activites in China are impossible for a foreigner to invest in. In that case, the JV is the only way for a foreigner to invest in this kind of business such as cosmetics, car production.

at least one shareholder must be Chinese

Access to restricted business categories


Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise

The FIPE can be made by two foreign investors or one foreign investor and a Chinese investor. There is no minimum capital required. Generally the term of a FIPE is comprised between 15 and 30 years but can be extended up to 50 years under certain conditions. 

Remittance of profit

Eased procedure


Representative Office
The RO represents a foreign company in China. This Representative office is not allowed to conduct operational activities and can only be involved in business liaisons, quality control, product promotion, exchange of technology and others… Therefore it can’t receive paiements or issue invoices.

Easy first step in China

Eased administration

3. 1 Choose your location

Free Trade Zones

Free trade zones in China are specific geographic areas created to ease the process of landing, storing, and handling re-exporting and similar. In fact these areas aren’t subjected to custom duty; therefore they represent a great opportunity for foreign companies for establishing their business enjoying better conditions.

The first FTZ in China is the one located in Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ) also called Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone. Later on more new Free-Trade Zones opened in Tianjin, Liaoning, Fujian, Chongqing, Guangdong, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Chongqing.

Tianjin City Office

Since its early days, Tianjin has been renowned for being a central hub for international business exchange. Especially its strategic location, has always been beneficial for the development of this area and offers plenty of opportunities for national and international companies. Indeed, only 120 Km separates Tianjin from the Chinese capital Beijing. Thanks to the Haihe,  one of the larger rivers in China, crossing along the city from north to south, and its harbor on the Bohai Sea, Tianjin gained the name of “Communications Center of River and Sea”. Therefore many international industries have successfully settled in the “harbor of the North” to profit from its modern, fast growing business environment.  Major industries include communications, electronics and the information industry, followed  by biomedicine, auto manufacturing, oil and gas, food, manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate etc.  Moreover according to the governmental  economical plan Tianjin is expected to flourish among other industrial cities for being the first bridge between east and west China. 

3. 2 Choose your type of office

Registered Office Address

When registering a company in China having a valid office address is a compulsory requirement, however some companies may not be in need of a real office, therefore a “registered office address” it’s a convenient solution for avoiding the cost of an actual office.
TianjinLink can provide you a permanent legal address which will be used for the company registration. This option is safe and totally conforms to the Chinese legal norm. A registered office address might be the right choice for your company in order to start your business in China fast and hustle-free.

4. Contact us

Once you have passed through all the steps above, you will be ready to start your business in China. Our team of experts will assist you from the registration procedure on and offer you our best expertise to realize your business vision.